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I’ve had a long standing interest in public service. I’ve worked on two campaigns, one as a volunteer and one as a paid consultant. Both were personally very enriching and I genuinely enjoy the proud feeling I get from being part of the process.  I love voting (especially since my precinct is so small and old people voting is adorable!)  I get frustrated when I find I’ve missed a local election.

All politics is local. -Thomas “Tip” O’Neill former Speaker of the House




Me, Rockin' the Vote

I’ve said for a while that when my youngest starts school, I’d like to run for the school board. I think I have good ideas, I’m smart and I also think I have a perspective usually lacking on small school boards. I’d love to sit on a city council, run for state office or maybe more.

I also have a “you love me or ya hate me” personality! I’m made for politics!!

Of course, you and I know that will never happen. Because, even though in Italy a porn star can run and win a seat in public office, in America we punish those who ever think about sex.

Why won’t it happen? I think I’d be great for a genuine liberal bid. I’m educated in social problems, have genuine empathy for all people, hell, I can even find worth in those who truly have the least character of any human on the planet. (Which would bode well for our theistic friends, yes?)

But there’s all these things in the way.

I like sex.

I’ve had two abortions.

I’m pierced, tattooed and *gasp* kinky.

I’m on (dun, dun, duuuunnnnn) FOOD STAMPS!

I’m also kind of an elitist, I love gay people, people of color, people from other places, not so much kids and well…

The Big.Bad.Worst.Terrible.Awful.


But, I wonder, couldn’t I relate to more people? I’m a woman, so I’m used to patriarchy. I’m white and hopefully understand the ridiculous privilege I’ve been granted by chance. I’m atheist, so I can relate to religious minorities fighting to have their voice heard. I value education, as evidenced by my own. I’ve been a single parent, gone through divorce and learned how to co-parent with my ex-husband. I have a non-traditional relationship with my partner. I was a breastfeeding “Nazi”. I read C.S. Lewis who’s on my shelf next to Dawkins.

I love to cook, too.  With butter. And BACON! (SRSLY, who wouldn’t vote for me based on that?!!)

I dunno. I feel like I have a diverse background…I feel like more people who are like me should run. People who’ve grown up in a way that is wholly different than generations prior, who understand globalization, plurality and fundamental human ethics over other political ideologies.  Over any ideologies.

It makes me sad that it would hurt my family more for me to serve my community in a public office capacity than it would for me to be an academic (which I love, but that’s not the point.)

I’m rambling.

What do you think?

Written by thelittlepecan

January 20, 2012 at 12:51 am

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