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Teacher as Student

This is my first semester actually in front of students. It’s my third semester teaching and I do just love it. While it is true that most college students seem to do the bare minimum or less when it comes to a class that’s not in their interest group, overall they do well and seem to grasp sociological concepts fairly well.

Of course, I’m learning, too.

Fresh out of grad school with a fire lit under my ass, ready to change hearts and minds and make some people uncomfortable for the greater good.

…and such.

Things I Have Learned

1. Having a quiz over the syllabus will still not guarantee anyone has read it.

2. Having read the syllabus will still not guarantee a student won’t argue over what’s in it.

3. Students have no qualms about going over your head about real and/or perceived injustices.

4. Even if it was in the syllabus.

5. Academic freedom of speech is a unicorn. It shits rainbows and lives with fairies.

6. No. Srsly.


The data show…


The research says…

are the ace in the hole lecture phrases.

8. You will need name/face flash cards.

9. Yes, you are fucking old.

10. Don’t say “fucking”. EVAR.

To be continued.

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