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First Half-Marathon Lessons and Response

This past weekend I ran the Publix Georgia Half-Marathon.  It was my first and I am SO excited to have completed my goal!

I started running (and run/walking prior to that) last summer when I moved in with Jim.  It has been one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Here are some things I learned…

1. Eat.  I ran a course run through Phidippides Atlanta that mostly mimicked the real run.  I forgot breakfast, rushed to get there and didn’t wear warm enough gear.  It began to flurry during…freezing sweat=misery.  So, eat, dress correctly, lesson learned.

On race weekend, I ate lots of fish and greens and rice.  The morning of I had oatmeal and coffee and water.  I could tell a huge difference.

Eating during the run is hard for me.  I’m still learning how to navigate food while on the brink of dehydration.  Dry mouth + almonds = ick.

2. Have a cheering squad! My hubs, my mom and a step-son got up at the asscrack of dawn to go with me.  They saw me off and were right there as I crossed the finish line.  It was amazeballs.

3. BE HAPPY!  There were so many amazing people out with signs and drinks and hilarious posters (The faster you finish, the quicker you can drink!) for St. Patrick’s Day were great.  Whole neighborhoods came out.  Getting the ground view of Atlanta, where I’ve lived, worked and played my whole life was incredible.  I saw so many things I never saw before and taking it all in made me forget I was actually moving forward.

4. Get a pace tattoo. ImageThis thing is awesomesauce! If they have your course, you can sync it with the elevation changes, enter time differences you know you’ll have (like, fly down the hills so subtract 10 seconds, but REALLY slow up hill so add 30) to come up with the per mile pace that will get you to your goal time.

5. Bring flip-flops (if weather allows).  I would have killed to get out of my sneakers.

6. Bring toilet paper.  The runner’s trots may not get you during the course, but may catch up with you after.  By that time the portajohns have all been used for hours by spectators and event staff.  Ew.

7.  Hang out, enjoy your accomplishment.  I am SLOW.  As you can see by my pace.  The full marathoners were flying by me (twice my pace) and I cheered them on.  I drank some beer at the Phidippides tent, lay in the grass and ate a banana.  I high-fived everyone.

8.  Get a better plan.  I’m a fan of  I also love #Runchat and Runner Academy (who has a great podcast.)  I get inspired reading about runners who are so much better than me.  I decided to get a personal plan from Strength Running to prepare for my next half.  I’d like to run a full before 2014 and I don’t think just winging it will do.

9. Lose weight.  I’ve lost 50, gained it back, lost 30 and held steady.  I’m trying, I’m just at a lull.  But, the thing is, at 200lbs, I’m hauling weight around that’s slowing me down and making it much harder.  I’m recommitting to losing, not to be thin, but to be healthy and better at this.  I love it so much that I just have to do it right!

10. Make friends with runners who will share in your joy.  I have lots of running tweeps who encourage and congratulate me.  It’s pretty swell.


I did it!! (And I can’t wait to do it again!)

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March 19, 2013 at 11:26 am

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