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Things I Have Learned Teaching or Things Sociology Students Say

1. Are the assignments, like, ‘required’?

Well, I suppose that depends on what type of grade you’d like to receive.  This is college.  You’re an adult.  The only requirements are death and taxes.  The rest is up to you.

2. I left for Spring Break early, had a fender bender and couldn’t get back to the beach hotel in time to turn in my assignment.  Take it, mmkay?

Yeah, probably not.  Leave early, turn your work in early.

3. I missed a week of class.  So, what did we do while I was gone?

I have no idea.

4. I was sick for 10 days!!! Take my work!

Feel free to provide documentation that you were unable to call, text, email or smoke signal me and we can talk about it.

5. The online dropbox cut off at the time it says it does and I didn’t hit ‘submit’ in time!! Take my work!!

Cause waiting until the last 5 minutes before something is due is a great plan!

My lovely, intelligent, wonderful students…who make me want to headdesk repeatedly.


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