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Fitz PR Plan Day 1

I’ve decided to blog about my experience with Jason Fitzgerald’s (from PR plan.  I think it will help me to be accountable and also log my progress for those days I feel like I’m spinning my wheels.

So, a little background. Click the link for Jason’s explanation. Basically, it’s a 16 week personalized plan on a nifty little spread sheet.  Run days, rest days, warm-ups, long runs, everything is planned out.  It’s suited to my height, weight, current PR times and my running goals.  I’m planning to run the Running Nerd Summer Heat Virtual 1/2 Marathon and 5k (Pecan’s Bitchin’ 1/2 Marathon and 5k, to be exact) in July.  You should, too!

So, my plan actually starts on April 15.  This week and next week, I complete weeks 1-2, then the following week I do easy runs…they we’re off to the races.

Today’s mission: Cannonball warm-up, 3 miles (I think at Tempo pace.  I sent an email for clarification, but didn’t get a response yet, it’s early still.  I decided that’s what seemed correct, so 12:00-12:45 pace I tried to keep.), 4 strides and the ITB rehab cool down.

1. The Cannonball warm-up was easy to follow.  However, it was cold (35 degrees with quite a brisk breeze) and the ground was wet.  Maybe I’ll take my yoga mat next time.  The only part I struggled with were the Rockies, which are push-ups with a clap in between.  Hopefully those get easier as I get strong.

2. 3 miles at Tempo pace, working towards 170-180 steps per minute.  This was hard.  It was cold and my thighs felt like they were frozen.  When I stopped looking at my Garmin, it seemed I would slow down significantly.  I counted about 160 steps per minute and tried to work towards more steps.  Again, I assume this will become less difficult.  I finished my 3 miles in about 37 minutes which is about right.

3. 4 strides.  This is where, over a 20-25 second time period, you work up to full speed, hold it for 1-2 seconds and then gradually slow down.  Very hard.  I tried to time it, but I would get going too fast and slow down too fast.  I think this might take some practice.

4. ITB Rehab routine.  Again, easy to follow.  I don’t have the rubber band I need to do this properly (hurry up payday!), but I did all the moves deliberately, making sure my form was the same as the video.  I can tell where the exercises focus on the ITB, hips and gultes.  I’m scared that it’ll hurt when I get that band!

In all, I felt good (it was weird to only run three miles!)  I was freezing my butt off, Spring hurry up! but I’m really looking forward to improving my running.

Also, I’m down 3lbs under my first goal of below 200lbs.  Go me!

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March 26, 2013 at 10:13 am

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