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PR Plan Day 3

Due to wearing a corset during Frolicon for the better part of three days, I got sick Saturday.  Nausea, indigestion and just general ickiness.

Sunday, I felt better but not great.  I still wanted to try for my 9 miles, but gave myself permission to stop if running aggravated my tummy.

I left the house with a less than fully charged phone, forgot my Garmin, forgot my Body Glide and had no moleskin for the blisters that are still healing from training and running the Georgia Half.

I stopped and got petroleum jelly, which I’d been told is a substitute for Body Glide and some mole skin and blister protectors.

Neither of these things turned out well.

I wound up getting in about 6.2 miles before the chaffing became unbearable, plus warm-up and cool-down.

Hopefully, running this week will be better than last week.

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April 1, 2013 at 9:00 am

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