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Does a year make any difference?


I’m trying to decide how I feel today. I want to mourn, but I don’t want to center myself.

Let’s talk about Marsha. She wasn’t a drag queen and she wasn’t white. She was a black trans woman and she was a revolutionary.

Yeah, #HappyPride…but let’s remember that corporatization of everything is the path of the destruction of all things. The movement doesn’t stop with marriage-do you think trans people have no barriers to marriage?  When there are still barriers to bathroom access? When there are still barriers to dancing?

I saw one of Karen Handle’s commercials. Well, one by an outside org, but you know what I mean. Blaming Syrians for all of ISIS. As if ISIS isn’t killing Syrians.

Blaming Muslims for PULSE. As if queer people can’t also be Muslim and want to dance. As if many Muslims aren’t brown like Latinx people are sometimes brown and find themselves on the same shitty end of the privilege straw.

It’s worse today than it was last year.

At least 12 trans persons, mostly trans women of color, have lost their lives this year.

Hate crimes against Muslims have increased each year.

Queer Muslims continue to experience erasure

They experience death in some countries.

In Chechnya gay men are being detained and executed extrajudiciously.

Here are the queer Latinx persons who were murdered last year.


Fight for the dead by protecting the living.


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June 12, 2017 at 5:46 pm

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