Pecan Pie

Social Anxiety from the South

Happy Pride! Love, a Queerbilly

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Don’t talk to me.

You’re already talkin’ about me, anyway.

“Dyke” behind my partner’s back or

To his face.

Don’t talk to me

From afar with your stupid ass boycott shit.

Talking about us behind our backs anyway,

Like you “know” we’re ignorant and possibly a “little hard a hearin'”

But you LOVE a country queer come June.

Can’t stand a bug, though, can ya?

Talk to us later when you need care…

Or to sit at a grandmama’s knee

Or need some “special” tea

For the problem they won’t let you talk about

You know what?

How about fuck you.

That’s what.

Fuck your insults to my name, my home, my love, my work, my mountains, my education, my friends…

But hey, June

It’s wedding season, right?

Written by thelittlepecan

June 2, 2019 at 10:56 am

Posted in Sociology

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