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I’m the freethinking, single mom of one blue-eyed, blonde little man.

I’m a liberal. A complete bleeding heart.

I am fascinated by religion (we’ll pause for my childhood lost to the Southern Baptist Convention.) I read and write about it constantly.

For someone who doesn’t believe in god, I sure do talk about the *****r a lot.

I surround myself with others owning strong personalities. I don’t care one lick about having people around me agreeing with me all the time, I care that they know how and what they believe andwhy.

The why is very important.

I have a filthy mouth, like a sailor even. I have an extensive vocabulary, it’s just that vulgarity has a certain  je ne sais quoithat can only be expressed by offensive words. If I’m offending people, especially on social issues, religion and politics-it means I’m making them think. And, THAT, my friends, is the goal!

I am a rabid  Georgia Tech fan. I go to as many games as I can afford to each year. I hate UGA with a passion. College ball is all there is. Period.

I can sing. I can sing very, very well.

Here, I’ll show you…

Syrup and Honey

Unfortunately, that does not pay any bills. *sigh*

Just finished my BS in Sociology at the University of West Georgia. I forgot how much I missed school.

I’ve decided to add something here about what I want to do with my life after school.

The original plan was to start out working for DFCS (that’s CPS for those of you outside of GA) while working towards a Master’s degree. Now I believe I may have stumbled upon a different goal.

Just took the GRE. Will begin the Master’s program at UWG. Wish to attend the Emory University advanced PhD program. End goal is to teach sociological theory and religion at the collegiate level. Want to own an jazz club/restaurant. I love, love, LOVE to cook. I make the best Southern food you’ll ever have the pleasure to eat. Swear.

More questions? Just shoot.  Straight and from the hip.

Written by thelittlepecan

November 7, 2010 at 8:28 pm

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