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Back to Cooking!

Back to cooking!
I’ve missed sharing my food with people. Spring is when we start cooking out and using our outdoor resources to entertain. Beer, smoked meats, and friends!

To get back in the swing of things, here’s what was in the oven today.

Today I wasn’t feeling well and cooking usually perks me right up.

Here’s what I had to work with:

Oven roasted chicken breasts seasoned with Greek seasoning blend
Grape tomatoes
Sweet peas
Shredded provolone
Red onions

I LOVE to make frittata. It’s just an awesome, easy dish. These ingredients were perfect for that.

I chopped the chicken and spread around in an iron skillet. I added peas and capers and sliced a red onion *very* thin and placed around, as well. Next was the chèvre and grape tomatoes. I whisked 6 eggs with a bit of water and poured in.

Topped with provolone and popped into the oven on 350 for 30 minutes. The last minute I turned on the broiler to get that great golden color.

Here are the toppings I assembled.

And the delicious finished product!

I wish I had added more capers and I think I should have used one less egg and a but more cheese. The balsamic was a huge win!

Happy Saturday 🙂

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April 6, 2013 at 1:14 pm

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And Now for Something Completely Different

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I have decided to bless the world with something so incredible that all of you will be thanking me for being so awesome.


I give you my mixed greens recipe.

I never give it away.  It took me a while to get it right, but then I decided that more people should know how to cook them correctly and then more people would like them.

Measurements are to taste.  I don’t use anything but that.

You can buy collards already washed and chopped in bags.  I prefer to do it myself, but sometimes it’s just easier.

For 4-6 people, you will need a crap-load of raw greens (turnip/collard/mustard-get a mix) because they cook down to almost nothing.

So get a couple bunches/bags of each.  I use the whole of the collard because I cook mine long enough that the whole thing gets tender.

Start with collards in the pot first.

BIG pot.


equal parts beef and chicken stock (if you are a veggie, I can’t help you with the recipe-meat is imperative)

1 or 2 packages ham hocks (depending on how big your pot is)

1 or 2 packages turkey necks (same.  If you’ve got a huge pot, cram as much meat in there as you can.)

1 or 2 bell peppers (preferably orange, yellow or red.  Sweeter is better.)  Section and seed it and just throw it in.

Maybe an 1/8 cup of sugar (white or brown)

Apple cider vinegar (this is to taste.  I’d start with about an 1/8 c. and then add more as they cook and your pot likker develops.)

Salt, pepper, a hot pepper of some type (whatever you have that’ll give you the amount of heat you want.)

Coriander, garlic (not garlic salt),  Parsley, tarragon and oregano are all good to throw in, too, if you have them.

Onion (dried or chopped raw.  NO ONION POWDER)

Throw all that in, bring to a boil.  Push down the greens as they soften so you have room to put more on top.  Turn down to a simmer.

Make sure you have enough liquid to cover the greens as they simmer.  Add more if you need to (add more stock, too, if you need it.)

If you are using mustard greens in the mix, don’t add until the very end.  They’re already soft, so they’ll overcook.

Once the collards start getting tender, add turnip greens (and pieces of turnip, too, that’s really yum) and as they get tender (and as you get closer to eating) add mustard (or kelp, anything like that is good) greens just about 20 minutes before you’re going to serve.  All the tough greens should simmer for at least an hour or more (I usually let mine go for 2 or 3.)

I may come back to add stuff.  There’s so many ingredients, sometimes I forget when I’m not actually in the kitchen making them.


ETA: Victor, check the twitpic to the right on my twitter account for picture of packaged necks and hocks.

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November 24, 2010 at 10:15 am

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