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Fetlife: Now with More Drama, Lies and Security Issues!

The following is a post I created to explain to my friends why they might find their Fetlife material on Google and why it might be connected to me.

This was written before I’d had much contact with Maymay and, while we may not be friends, he has not given me a reason to distrust his word.

I have since deleted my account. Now that Frolicon is over, I won’t have a reason to use even my photography account I share with a friend.

This is a basic account of what happened. It has not been changed in anyway.

Dear friends,

Recently Fetlife has become aware of the Exporter tool created by a user who is no longer allowed access to Fet at all.

During the TOU fiasco I posted to Twitter that I wanted to get my own content off Fet, at which time a tweep sent me a link to the Exporter tool (I knew very little about this user previous to this, besides his name and his work on predators. I was not aware it was his tool until later.)

I attempted to use it and received an error message, which usually means “did not work.” I wasn’t so concerned about “fixing” the error and chose to back-up the content I was worried about losing on my own.

A couple of days ago the Caretakers (Susan Wright) sent me an email in the middle of the night, basically accusing me of outing my friends intentionally. Clearly, or at least, hopefully, you all know I would never do such a thing. This was followed by me freaking out, several more messages between me and SW and me trying to get rest because, you know, a half-marathon on Sunday.

I spoke to several friends, contacted the creator of the Exporter tool and then had Geek take away my access to Fet because I saw the thing start blowing up and I’m already out of Xanax.

1. The creator of the Exporter tool tried to fix it right away and could not because Fet blocked the IP address of his site. Whatever. Right or wrong, both parties suck in my book at this particular moment.

2. When he became aware of that, he created a workaround immediately, I just couldn’t deal with it at that time.

aside (I have also seen an email log where a similar email went out to many users, them all freaking out, many who received the error message or who did not intentionally use the tool, etc. Fetlife’s handling of this was piss poor. I will say the Tool Creator’s response-at least to me-was helpful and fast.)

3. I was shown by several friends where my (and probably your) content wasalready searchable on Google because Fet has a security hole as big as the Big Fucking Bus. I was on there right underneath the friend(s) who did the search.

4. Fetlife made me aware in the middle of the night (1:00am, to be precise) that they changed my password without telling me first so that they could “fix it”. This makes me VERY uncomfortable.

5. Geek did the workaround, it appears to have worked just as advertised so my content is no longer up there.

6. Geek checked via several devices that my stuff is gone from the index site. The index itself is there, but when you click the link, you get a File Not Found error. When Google updates, the index will also be gone. That can take a while, but no content is there so that’s fine. If you were worried about finding yourself through that avenue, hopefully this eases your worry. If it’s still there via an index of mymaterial (and this only applies to maybemaimed) let me know and I’ll contiue to try figure out why and try to fix it.

7. However, if you google “Pecan+Fetlife”, the second search result is MY FETLIFE PROFILE ON FETLIFE (NOTon maybemaimed.)

So, anyone who searches my name and Fet and already has an account can click that link and go right to my profile. This is clearly an issue with Fet which is allowing indexing of Fetlife user profiles, just not their content (which of course doesn’t matter. If Google can take them right to your page, they’ll have access to the content you don’t make private.)

Either way, you’re probably on Google, too. As a matter of fact, we tested this. We found member profiles for 4/6 attempts as the first return by Google, including me and Geek. (If you want to know if you are someone we found, just ping me via email.) In order to limit the damage that THIS does, I’d consult you to a. NOT have a face pic for your profile and b. make ALL your content “Friends Only”.

In short, please know I did not do this intentionally. Please also know that I feel stuck between two parties who have really icky ulterior motives. I may be deleting this account and starting over or not. The email chain between they and I is pretty gross and makes me not so much want to support this site or be here at all.

For now, Geek is continuing to limit my access to Fet because it really is stressing me out.

You may contact me at for TBI party stuff or to respond to this writing if you want to yell at me (please don’t do this one) or give information or whatnot. You can also use PeXanPie (link on my profile.)


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March 31, 2013 at 8:31 pm

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