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It’s Mah Birfday!

As I sit here buried under fifty million inches of snow* on my birthday, finally able to access the internet, I’m pondering what a birthday post looks like.  Like the rest of the nation, I spent the weekend engrossed in the events of Tucson, AZ.  Unfortunately, on my birthday this year, we are a nation in mourning.

The mud-slinging and blame-throwing obviously starts immediately in this country.  No one wishing to accept their own blame for the violent rhetoric we have established here.  I muse about my own ideals and how they might be hurtful and mean, even violent.  We all get wrapped up in our principles at times and say or think things we wish we hadn’t.

As a progressive and non-theist, I often feel myself coming up with extreme statements or agreeing with others who make them.  More than once I have found myself wishing for the nuclear holocaust to hit the Middle East, not because I hate humanity, but because it seems a mess that can never be cleaned up.  “Just bomb them to bits and be done with it.”  Yeah, I said it.

We must take responsibility for our speech.  That is the flip side of that most precious freedom guaranteed us by the First Amendment.  You cannot just talk and expect that no one is listening.  In a time of endless information, you can be guaranteed that someone, somewhere is hearing you, reading you, nodding with you.

No one but the shooter held the gun.  The RWNJ, the NRA, the Tea-Party were not there in Arizona and it is more than a little bit offensive to try and place the murder of a 9year old on the shoulders of ideals instead of a criminal.   However, we must admit that the country is desensitized to violence in the worst way.  We teach our kids to kill through video games from the time they are tots.  We use violent metaphor to make our political statements…and then, when it happens, we all point fingers at everyone but ourselves.

Maybe we should try a little understanding.  Extreme rhetoric doesn’t help anyone and it loses the masses who sit squarely in the middle, wishing for change but failing to see its ability to succeed.  Be the change.  Talk, don’t yell.  Discuss, don’t argue.  Love over apathy, Kindness over hate.

Happy birthday to me and thank you so much for all your well wishes,  I appreciate each one of you.

*Fifty-million=like 6”.  Whatever.  It’s cold.  I don’t do cold.

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January 10, 2011 at 1:09 pm

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