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Before and After…A Work in Progress

I got some really awesome swag from Athleta today, including another running skort (my new favorite piece of running gear!) and a new bathing suit that I can exercise in!!

I tried on my stuff, they all fit great, very true to size.

When I put my tankini on, I was pretty shocked.  I had been cussing about how I wasn’t making any progress.  The scale was moving down, but I just wasn’t seeing it. It was frustrating.

So. Well, thanks, Universe.

Before (Spring 2012)



After (Today May 2013)

This is about 37lbs or so. Plenty more work to do, but I’m feeling like I’ve made progress!


Written by thelittlepecan

May 6, 2013 at 3:52 pm

Just Let Me Brag a li’l Bit

Program Summary

Goal Lose ½ lb per week
Start date March 6, 2011
Goal date January 13, 2015
Daily calories 2,055

Starting 230 lbs
Current 194.4 lbs
Goal 150 lbs
Weight Loss 35.6 lbs
Percent 15.5%

This report was generated with Lose It!

My friend Margi gifted me a 5k app from lolo about two years ago. Around that time I found Lose It! and began tracking my progress.

Since then, I have run a 5k, a 15k, a 10k, a virtual 10k, and a half marathon. I have lost 36lbs (after losing and gaining back about 40 plus some in the 2 years prior).

I have registered for my first marathon, convinced my husband to begin running, encouraged my mother to go from walking to running and watched several friends developed what Big Peach calls P.A.L. or Pedestrian Active Lifestyle.

I know I will run for the rest of my life and will continue to reap the benefits for as long as I continue to put forth my best effort.

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May 1, 2013 at 8:04 am

Pledge to go Veg (for a week…) #VegWeek

After watching Forks Over Knives and Vegucated yesterday, the twinge in the back of my brain about eating less meat really kicked in to overdrive. I’d been considering it off and on for a while or at least a more concerted move towards the ethical consumption of meat and dairy.

I’m already on board with less cow milk.  I mean, cow milk is for baby cows. Human milk for baby humans.

In any event, I’m not morally opposed to eating animals or their products, but trying to square how I feel about ethically raised food with what I currently eat is a problem.

For a while, we were buying a lot from the East Atlanta Farmer’s Market and getting locally raised meat and some dairy.  We got off of doing that…and after watching some of the facts about factory farming (facts I already knew in my head, but hadn’t been confronted with visually yet) I don’t think I can continue.

I don’t know that I’ll ever go veggie or vegan, but I’m going to pledge to go veg for one week.

The farming manufacturing industry has some of the poorest safety conditions in the U.S. and even if you don’t care at all about the animals…I know you care about people.  Sick and injured workers are bad for everyone and I don’t want to support that.  I want workers to be healthy and happy and cared about by their employers.

I appreciate the gift of food provided to me by the animals I eat.  I don’t want them to be miserable.  So, I’m going veg for a week and thereafter, will be trying to cut out a substantial amount of meat products and pledge that the meats and dairy I do purchase be from farmers who treat their animals with dignity.

Will you join me?

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April 22, 2013 at 7:38 am

Dear Boston, I Love You

Dear Boston,

I love you SO much.

I ran for you today. With a heavy heart and a clear mind. I ran negative splits for you today, but the first mile was really hard. I wanted to cry…but sweat.

I wanted nothing more in the whole world than to go to Berkelee. My mom took me to see you when I was 17. We ate so much lobster and clam chowder I thought I had gone to seafood heaven.

I thought it was cool that there was a whole other city that empathized with our traffic woes. You know, because ATLANTA.

I bought my senior prom dress from you. It was the most expensive piece of clothing I’d ever owned. I wore it again and again…to the opera, to perform, to parties. Every time I did, I remembered that trip. It was one of the best times I ever had, though short it may have been.

There’s a vibrancy to Boston. The people are nice, there everything to do…and the music.

I didn’t run then, but I do now. Maybe one day I’ll BQ and see you again when joy has been restored. Maybe I’ll see you again, My Friend.

With Love, Blue and Yellow,


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April 16, 2013 at 11:59 am

PR Plan Days 4 and 5 and some other stuff

I need to plan better.  And I think I need to make these warm-ups and cool downs a bigger priority.  I’m not quite sure I’m doing them correctly…and that makes me self-conscious about doing them at all.

On the other hand, yesterday I got out there, in the rain, in the 40 degrees, in the puddles and cranked out four miles and four strides.  I did not warm-up or cool-down because rain (and I run at the park so warming up at home seems kind of pointless since the drive is between 5-20 minutes depending on where I go.)  I felt good!  I’m learning what it feels like to pace at 170-180 strides per minute and that makes you faster without trying much harder.  I was hoping for a negative split, but I ran out of time.

I forgot I had to take the kids to TKD so I had to bail on the last mile.  Again, planning.

Anyway, two more and then it’s easy runs next week before the 16 weeks of the plan actually begin.

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April 5, 2013 at 9:44 am

PR Plan Day 3

Due to wearing a corset during Frolicon for the better part of three days, I got sick Saturday.  Nausea, indigestion and just general ickiness.

Sunday, I felt better but not great.  I still wanted to try for my 9 miles, but gave myself permission to stop if running aggravated my tummy.

I left the house with a less than fully charged phone, forgot my Garmin, forgot my Body Glide and had no moleskin for the blisters that are still healing from training and running the Georgia Half.

I stopped and got petroleum jelly, which I’d been told is a substitute for Body Glide and some mole skin and blister protectors.

Neither of these things turned out well.

I wound up getting in about 6.2 miles before the chaffing became unbearable, plus warm-up and cool-down.

Hopefully, running this week will be better than last week.

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April 1, 2013 at 9:00 am

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PR Plan Day 2 w/ a Side of #rapeculture

Fitz PR Plan Day 2

On this day, I had a new warm up and cool down and an easy 5 miles.

No sweat, right?

Turns out only runs labeled as “tempo” are run at that pace. I grabbed my yoga mat and headed to the park. It was gorgeous outside!

I’m doing the Standard Warm-Up and some dude with his dog decided to holler something about my ass and him doing yoga in my direction.

So, I called the bastard out.

“You heard what I said, right.”

“Yeah, I heard what you said. Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I want to be talked to like that.”

“If you were offended, then I’m sorry,” he huffed.

It takes a lot to offend me. I’m not offended, asshole, I’m trying to teach you some damned manners.


Anyway, I went for a sidewalk run, which I usually don’t do. It’s more difficult for me. I’m spoiled on Gwinnett’s great paved multi-use trails!

I forgot my Garmin and had to use Nike+. This usually means subtract .4 miles. I wound up with maybe 4.4, which was okay, in about an hour. Better pacing then usual.

# I did the Standard Core Cool Down, but felt out of place after Mr. Charming earlier. I am sore today, though, so I guess I’m doing it right.

Two days off for #Frolicon and then a 9 mile long run on Sunday. Woot!

Check ya on the flip side and Gentlemen, don’t forget not to holler anything at women you don’t know that you wouldn’t want hollered at your wife/mother/sister.

Written by thelittlepecan

March 29, 2013 at 2:21 pm