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HB 512, An Open Letter to Senator Henson and the Georgia Assembly

Dear Senator,

HB 512 recently passed the state house and is now on its way to the Senate. As my representative, I would like to express my fear and frustration at this bill and my encouragement for you to vote “no”.

I graduated last fall with my M.A. In sociology and have been an instructor for the past three semesters. This semester is my first in front of a classroom, rather than teaching online.

I love my students. They are smart and engaged, they let me know in no uncertain terms that I have made the right career choice. I am so grateful to have found my place in the world.


in my first several months in front of the classroom I have dealt with students who may be mentally unstable, who can be combative and who often feel entitled. Allowing students to bring a firearm into the classroom limits the ability of a new instructor to safely learn classroom management and to maintain authority over the setting.

We are gun owners, my husband is a navy veteran, and I firmly believe in the REASONABLE right to own a weapon.

A classroom is sacred. It should be a safe place for fervent and excited discussion, a place where disagreements can happen without fear.

It should be a place without the need to go on the offensive, where minds and hearts are opened and critical thinking is fed!

Each State institution has a police force, security officers and/or agreements with local law enforcement to keep students and faculty safe. These men and women are trained to do such a job and in my personal experience are committed to excellence.

The classroom is not the place for a weapon, unless that weapon is the mighty pen.

I don’t want to fear my students.

Please vote no.

University [Redacted]
[Redacted] College

Written by thelittlepecan

March 11, 2013 at 2:47 pm